Areas of Practice

  • Business Organizations Law

In New York, under the Business Corporation Law (BCL), a business owner is only shielded by the corporate veil when he or she follows specific formalities. When these formalities are ignored, a business owner is not afforded this protection.

As a fellow local business owner, we at Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC possess the knowledge to protect our clients from such perils. We are experts in corporate formation, BCL compliance and mergers and acquisitions. We strive to provide our fellow business owners with insight and counseling so they may focus on their business and not legal issues.

  • Construction Law

With over fifteen years in the construction and land development industry, Jonathan W. Tribiano, Esq., the founding member of Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC has the expertise to help your construction or land development company thrive.

We at Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC possess intimate knowledge of the construction and land development industry.  The “red tape” created by the City of New York to operate a successful construction or land development company increases daily. Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC makes every effort to stay apprised of the regulatory requirements, changes and legal developments in this field.

We are experts in AIA Contract and New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Home Improvement Contract drafting, review and negotiation.

Through regulatory compliance counseling and effective contract drafting, Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC can propel your construction or land development company to success by reducing violations and jobsite downtime and preventing unnecessary, costly and time consuming litigation.

  • Contract Law

Effective contract drafting and negotiation are the cornerstones of any successful business.  When entering into a contractual matter, Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC has the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Contract Law to protect you and/or your business.

Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC can assist you with contract formation or interpretation and negotiation of a preexisting contract. If a contract is breached, we offer numerous effective means to resolve your dispute, including litigation.

  • Landlord-Tenant Law

The key to being a successful landlord is effective legal representation prior to the formation of the landlord-tenant relationship. Too many landlords fail to realize the importance of regulatory compliance and effective lease/rental agreement drafting. By providing such services Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC can reduce your exposure to liability and reduce the overhead costs of owning and renting or leasing property.

Through representing major local commercial and residential landlords, Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC has the tools to protect you whether you own one residential property or are a major commercial land developer.

However, legal disputes do frequently arise between landlords and tenants. When this occurs, Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC has the litigation experience in Landlord-Tenant Court to protect your rights and secure a successful outcome to your landlord-tenant dispute.

  • Litigation

At Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC we strive to offer innovative solutions to those who are or may become involved in a legal dispute. Our goal is to provide efficient, cost conscience results, while strongly protecting our clients’ rights. Providing a balance between litigation prevention and zealous representation in the courtroom when necessary, allows us to provide a unique cost effective approach most law firms ignore. With years of litigation practice, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your case with success.

At Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC we specialize in the following areas of civil litigation:

    • Administrative Law
      • Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Violation Defense
      • Environmental Control Board (ECB) Violation Defense
      • New York City Fire Department Violation Defense
      • Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Violation Defense
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    • Appellate Practice
    • Commercial & Business Dispute Litigation
    • Insurance Litigation
    • Real Estate Litigation
      • Adverse Possession Actions
      • Contract of Sale Breach Actions
      • Foreclosure & Foreclosure Defense
      • Quite Title Actions
    • Small Claims Disputes
    • Tort Law (Personal Injury & Civil Remedies)
    • Trusts & Estates Litigation
  • Private Funding Loans

At Jonathan W. Tribiano, PLLC we represent private investors in evaluating and originating loans throughout the City of New York. Our thorough understanding of the real estate market place and the loan origination process make us the best choice for all your private loan origination needs. In the event of a default, our private loans have stood the test of litigation, consistently providing our lenders with timely and successful foreclosures.

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